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The Enterprise is on it's way to Deneb 5 when Mr. Spock contracts choriocytosis and has only days to live. The USS Huron is to rendezvous with the Enterprise and deliver the cure, when it's attacked by the Pirates of Orion. Kirk chases the Orion ship in a desperate attempt to save Spocks life.

The Orion pirates are mentioned in the original series "Journey to Babel". It would seem that the Orions continued their criminal behavior into the 24th century, as the Orion Syndicate is mentioned many times on DS9.

This episode marks the first time an Orion male appeared on Star Trek.

Orion Pirate Spacecraft

Warped 9's Freighter the USS Eclipse.

Thanks to the Hinsons for these General plans.

Masao Okazaki

Stephen Douglas

USS Huron: Starfleet Merchant Marines.
Artist: Scott Benson

U.S.S. Huron by Atrahasis
Images by Hollis J. Wood

Artist Unknown


Wallpaper is in .jpg format.

1024 x 768
800 x 600

Wallpaper is in .jpg format.

1024 x 768
800 x 600

If you have Windows95 or 3.1, you will need to convert these images to a .bmp file with a graphics program such as Paintshop Pro.

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