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While exploring the Delta Triangle, where many starships have disappeared, the Enterprise is attacked by several Klingon vessels. During the fight, the Enterprise and a Klingon ship slip into a space-timewarp starship graveyard. The crew discovers that the timewarp is disintegrating the Enterprise's dilithium crystals, and that they must link their ship with the Klingons to leave the trap, or they will be powerless and trapped forever.

In this episode, Kor commands the battlecruiser Klothos. A fact referred to in the DS9 episode "Once More Unto The Breach".

By Kail Tescar

Bonaventure Wallpapers

The S.S. Bonaventure was a pre-Federation survey ship lost in the Delta Triangle, and was the first starship to be retrofitted with warp drive.

USS Bonaventure schematic
Masao Okazaki

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Wallpaper is in .jpg format.

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Wallpaper is in .jpg format.

1024 x 768
800 x 600

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