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Universally heralded as the very best of the animated stories, "Yesteryear" was penned by D.C. Fontana, a writer and story consultant for the original series, who also served as the animated series producer. "Yesteryear" is the sequel to the original series episode "City on the Edge of Forever" by Harlan Ellison. The story begins with Mr. Spock returning from a time-traveling research project to find no one onboard the Enterprise remembers him. Now he must go back through the time gate to his Vulcan childhood, and save the life of the child he was. The many complicated issues explored in this story raise it far above the standard Saturday morning fare.
Mark Lenard, who played Sarek in the original series episode "Journey to Babel", returned to provide the voice of Sarek in this animated episode.
This episode establishes Spock's mother's maiden name as Amanda Greyson.

Click the image above to read the interview with William "Billy" Simpson, the voice of "Young Spock".


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