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The highly creative, and original site for all fans of both Star Trek and classic cartoons. Created by Brian Matthews, 'Stone Trek' is a hilarious parody combining Star Trek with The Flintstones. Featuring all original, professional quality artwork, and LOL synopsis' of the Stone Trek episodes, such as, "Where No Caveman Has Gone Before", "Muddstones Women", "Journey to Babelrock", and the classic "For My Stomach is Empty, And I Have Touched the Pie".
Don't miss the full episodes, "The Deadly Ears", "The Caveman Trap", as well as "20001 B.C.: A Space Oddity", and "Star Trekkin!"

JOIN! Captain Kirkstone, and Mr. Sprock as they seek out REALLY strange new worlds!
WONDER! at the USS Magnetize, and her Magma/AntiMagma drive!

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I had the extreme pleasure of being the very first guest "redshirt" to be killed off in a Stone Trek episode, and my wife Connie and I are proud to own a Stone Trek portrait created by Mr. Matthew's.

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In memory of Gene Rockenberry.

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